December 28th - 31st 2003 - Tagert and Green-Wilson Huts

December 21st 2003 Butler Gulch

December 16th 2003 Butler Gulch

December 15th 2003 Vail

December 13th 2003 Berthoud Pass

December 8th 2003 Vail

November 18th 2003 Butler Gulch

November 13th 2003 Butler Gulch

November 11th 2003 Butler Gulch

June 2003 A- Basin

April 12th, 2003 A-Basin: Casey, Trevor Dan

April 8th, 2003 A-Basin: Casey, Trevor Dan and Ben

April 4th, 2003 Snowbowl, MT

March 31st, 2003 A-Basin: Casey, Trevor

March 23rd, 2003 Butler Gulch: Casey, Trevor

March 20th, 2003 -A. Basin

March 19 th, 2003 -Keystone

February 20th, 2003 -Teton Pass

February18th, 2002 Butler Gulch: Casey, Danny, Trevor, and Kyle

February 1st, 2003 Aspen X-Games

January 18th, 2003 - Mt. Bachelor

January 4th, 2003 Butler Gulch: JT. and Igor

January 2nd, 2003 Vail- Trevor, Mandel, Casey, Woody

January 1st, 2003 Vail- Trevor, Woody, Mandel, Kem, Mr.Woods, Chris